Win Wizard

Win Wizard

Slot machine test: win Wizard

A magician in the slot machine? Why not, can finally only be advantageous. And that there are the magicians, the "win Wizard ™" give the special spice shows actually. The Naidoo game moves somewhere between fruit slot and ordinary slots with bonus features. The icons are quite open and free games there is none, but a wild symbol and the "win Wizard feature", where you can miss Wizard a random profit. Also the gamble feature in "Win Wizard ™" is unique in any case, because this, there is the chance to win even if you actually lost. The "lucky loser bonus" makes it possible. Do you dare a game, then you can for example in the Star Games Online Casino. Certainly "Win Wizard ™" is not the end of the flagpole, when it comes to online slots, but the one or the other part can't hurt sure.

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Online play win Wizard ™

The relationship to the fruit slots shows with the cherries and plums. Moreover, it is quite normal. The possibilities are quite clear in "Win Wizard ™", so you can make three, four, or five of the same symbols in a row. A number must consist not only of identical motifs, but start whatever on the left reel. Other motives may not spark between them. And so they really count as a win, the series on the line must be.

Twenty pay lines to help you "Win Wizard ™" to your happiness. Thats quite neat and have far more than many fruit slots. The winning amount is determined not only from the nature of symbols and the length of the series, but also by your usage. If you use a lot, you can win even according to much. Each symbol has a specific multiplier multiplied your usage to determine the profit for each row length. A click on "Profits" shows the table and the ways to win. You can screw directly onto the application and see the changes.

The meaning of the symbols in the online slot win Wizard

The cherries and plums are the simplest motifs in "Win Wizard ™" and accordingly only small gains. The profit is a simple series of three just once at the half of the usage. There can help but also multiple paylines simultaneously ensuring profits. Already the J and 10 are more valuable. Although the is really several gains or longer rows make felt.

The Q and the K are far richer, what affects profits. Where is here shows that "Win Wizard ™" not necessarily throwing on the first click with profits to. Only the magic symbol ensures that the account really fills up. Especially in the full screen, then the jackpot of "Win Wizard ™" or the maximum profit can be cracked quasi.

Is comfortable it sometimes the Green Dragon on the reels 3 through 5 and takes over the task of the wild, there so to decorate incomplete series.

But above all the "win Wizard feature" is

interesting, because after a turn randomly up to five "win wizards" can appear and provide additional profits. That however does not always happen, but up to the five hundred times from use as a win here might.

Slot machines instructions win Wizard ™

Despite the one or other bonus features can easily play "Win Wizard ™" and you should have a fast start. Before each spin, you can the number of winning lines or also the usage. This change your opportunities and possible profit levels. Yet the gamble function which is very special in "Win Wizard ™" is but in any case. You have a 50/50 chance to double of your winnings. You're unlucky, you'll lose your rounds winnings. However, still the 'lucky loser 'symbol may appear in such a case, that still gives you a small profit.